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Job Function
School Psychologist


Department: Student Services

Job Title: School Psychologist

FLSA Status: (Exempt/Non-exempt) Exempt; Unit A

Reports to:  Coordinator for Therapeutic Services; Building Principal; Building Level Special Education Administrator; Associate or Assistant Superintendent

In compliance with state and federal laws, newton public schools is committed to equity, anti-racism and a nondiscrimination policy for students, employees and prospective applicants. All educational and employment determinations are based on an individual’s qualifications and achievements without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, pregnancy, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, ancestry, homelessness, physical or mental disability, veteran status, or any other basis prohibited by state and/or federal statute.


Newton Public School (NPS) psychologists provide a full range of school psychological services to children ages 3-22, including screening and assessment, educational programs, individual and group counseling, and consultation with teachers, staff, and administration, with school staff, parents, and outside agencies as appropriate. NPS psychologists function as members of each school’s multi-disciplinary team to determine a student’s eligibility for special services, appropriate programming, and on-going progress. NPS psychologists implement all necessary procedures to meet compliance standards as outlined by the federal and state regulations as well as policies and procedures of the Newton Public Schools.


Required Qualifications:

  • Experience: Completion of clinical and/or school training as an intern in the area of psychology and/or school psychology.
  • Education: Appropriate degree and licensure as a school psychologist under Massachusetts DESE regulations and requirements.

Desired Qualifications:

Experience providing psychological services within a school setting.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities (Not Limited To):

Professional Legal, Ethical, and Professional Practice

  • Practices in ways that meet all appropriate ethical, professional, and legal standards.
  • Understands and applies federal, state, and local policies and regulations in the delivery of school psychological services.
  • Maintains confidentiality of student records and information.
  • Uses technology in ways that are consistent with ethical and responsible professional practice.

Student Diversity in Development and Learning

  • Recognizes issues of diversity that affect routine interactions with other people and organizations.
  • Modifies or adapts routine practice to effectively meet these diverse needs.
  • Demonstrates sensitivity and skills needed to work with families, students, and staff from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Information Technology

  • Establishes and maintains expertise in using technology such as data management, report writing, web pages, literature reviews, and data analysis.
  • Uses spreadsheets or other software programs to organize and graphically display data and monitor progress when appropriate for use at the system, building, and individual student level.

Research and Program Evaluation

  • Evaluates and synthesizes a cumulative body of research findings as a foundation for effective service delivery.
  • Collects, analyzes, and interprets program evaluation data in applied settings.
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of school-based intervention plans.

Organizational Change, Policy Development, and School Climate

  • Understands the organization of schools and systems change to provide leadership in developing and implementing early intervention and prevention programs.
  • Demonstrates knowledge and leadership when assisting in the development of school policy that impacts student learning and safety.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of school and classroom climates and uses such knowledge to assist in developing school improvement plans and classroom interventions. 



  • Assesses cognitive abilities, executive functioning skills, and social/emotional skills using a variety of instruments and techniques, including classroom observation, that are appropriate for the individual student.
  • When necessary, assesses student academic skills.
  • Collaborates with others to develop appropriate cognitive and academic goals for students with different abilities, disabilities, strengths, needs, and develops interventions to achieve these goals.
  • Follows school district procedures in assessment of students for suicide, threat, or safety risk.
  • Submits records, reports and assignments promptly and efficiently. 

Direct Service

  • In collaboration with building administration and staff, may provide direct services to individuals or groups of students (e.g., counseling, crisis interventions, mentoring, and individual safety plans, when appropriate).
  • Consults and confers with teachers, staff, and families about strategies to facilitate the social and affective adjustment of students.
  • Establishes and monitors appropriate individual and group caseloads, procedures, and resources and works cooperatively with administration and staff relative to such caseloads.
  • Maintains appropriate data on students to document current levels of performance and other pertinent Evaluates when appropriate to determine the extent of progress and efficacy of therapy.

Consultation and Supervision

  • Demonstrates strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work, communicate, and collaborate effectively with teachers, other school staff, and families as part of a team within the school setting.
  • Ensures that students and families know about community services and programs and assist them in accessing these, as appropriate.
  • Helps schools develop challenging, achievable, cognitive and academic goals for all students.
  • When supervising interns, practicum students, or other students, follows professional ethical and school/program guidelines and policies.

Safety and Crisis Management

  • Participates in planning and implementing prevention programs to address the social and affective needs of students, including programs to address bullying, school violence, and school safety.
  • Follows school district procedures in assessment of students for suicide, threat, or safety risk.
  • In collaboration with building and school district administration, identifies resources and coordinates services with other professionals and/or agencies, e.g. Riverside Community Care, DCF, DYS, Newton Police Department, area hospitals to address students’ behavioral, affective, or social needs.
  • Works collaboratively with administration relative to following procedures such as CHINS or filing a 51A with DCF regarding child abuse or neglect.
  • Participates in planning and/or implementation of school or system-level crisis response. 


Home/School/Community Collaboration

  • Uses empirically supported strategies to design, implement, and evaluate effective policies. 
  • Employs practices that promote home, school, and community partnerships and enhance learning and mental health goals for students.
  • Identifies diverse cultural issues, situations, and other factors that influence family, school, and community interactions and address such issues when developing and providing services.

Enhancement of Student Wellness, Social Skills, and Life Competencies

  • Demonstrates knowledge regarding the social, affective, and adaptive domains of child development.
  • Identifies and applies sound principles of behavior change within these domains to assist in designing and implementing prevention and intervention programs.
  • Implements appropriate and alternative ways to monitor and assess the effectiveness of interventions and individual student progress toward goals.

Systems-Based Service Delivery

  • Provides leadership in developing a safe, caring, and inviting school with a sense of community where contributions of all persons are valued, where there are high expectations of excellence for all students, and where home-school-agency partnerships are valued.
  • Supports and implements federal and state regulations, procedures, and administrative Supports and follows the policies and procedures of the school district.

Data-Based Decision Making and Accountability

  • Demonstrates expertise in collecting, managing, and interpreting various types of individual and group data.
  • Applies sound principles of data-based decision making to all aspects of practice, g., designing interventions, monitoring student progress, consulting with school administrators, and disseminating intervention research findings within the school setting.

Prevention and Early Intervention

  • Has knowledge of universal screening techniques, as well as early reading and math literacy.
  • Participates in designing prevention and intervention methods to address programs that influence student learning.

Promoting Safe and Effective Learning Environments

  • Participates in planning and/or implementation of school or system-level crisis response.
  • Identifies resources and coordinate services with other professionals and/or agencies to address students’ behavioral, affective, or social needs.


  • Assists with other responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent, Coordinator for Therapeutic Services, or building administrator.
  • Responsible for implementing “other job related duties” as needed.
  • Consistent and on-time attendance is required.

Work Environment & Physical Requirements:

Work Environment

  • Majority of work is performed in a school Travel between school locations may be required depending on assignment.

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to operate computer, printer, telephone, copier, facsimile machine and all other standard office equipment
  • Ability to sit or stand for extended periods of time
  • Ability to lift and/or move objects weighing up to 15 pounds
  • Sufficient mobility to navigate within a large school building
  • Ability to travel between multiple school locations (must possess valid driver’s license)

Job ID: 71820847

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