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Joliet Public Schools District 86
Joliet, IL, United States (on-site)
30 days ago
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Portland, Oregon, United States (hybrid)
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Spotlight Preferred Diversity Focus
Joliet Public Schools District 86
Joliet, Illinois, United States (on-site)
30 days ago



POSITION GUIDE: Certified Administrator
12 Months
Non - Bargaining
Exempt Status

FUNCTION: The primary function of the Principal is to assure, direct, and facilitate continuous quality improvement of instruction at the building level.
The principal shall devote a minimum of 51% of their time on curriculum review, on-going school improvement and staff development. The principal shall be responsible for the administration and supervision of all fiscal, maintenance, safety, and co-curricular programs associated with the school.

REPORT TO: The Superintendent

RELATES TO: The Superintendent
Deputy Superintendent – Equity and Student Services
Assistant Superintendent – Business and Financial Services
Assistant Superintendent – Curriculum and Instruction
Assistant Superintendent – Human Resources and Labor Relations
Chief Officer for Legal Services and Labor Relations
Director of Human Resources
Director of Special Education
Director of Student Services
Director of Teaching and Learning
Director of Technology and Information Services
Manager of Building Support Services
Manager of Food Services
Program Coordinators
Student Services Coordinators
Other School Principals
PTO / PTA and Community Groups

SUPERVISES DIRECTLY: Assistant Principal
Academic Advisors
Clerical Aides
Engineers and Custodial personnel
Food Service personnel

1. To provide instructional leadership that ensures school acquisition of adequate yearly progress on state assessment instrument.
2. To organize, direct, and supervise the educational program within the school, within the policy structure of the District and the District Administration.
3. To select instructional materials, equipment and programs from the approved list provided by the District.
4. To recommend improvement and changes to the Superintendent in the educational program, textbooks, instructional supplies and materials.
5. To delegate responsibilities as may be necessary except the placement of special education students and final placement of general education students.
6. To prepare or to direct the preparation of all schedules of all activities within the building, within the structure of District policy.
7. To participate in the screening of, and the selection of, new highly qualified teacher personnel.
8. To make teacher assignments.
9. To conduct faculty and staff meetings as necessary or on a regularly scheduled basis.
10. Schedule parent conferences.
11. To represent the District to the local PTA / PTO and community groups.
12. To discipline students when necessary, within the structure of District policy.
13. To supervise and direct all personnel resident in the school, as well as visiting the school.
14. To recommend special studies to promote professional growth of the teaching staff.
15. To provide training, information, and strategies for staff that will ensure student learning.
16. To seek assistance from the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction on matters to help solve problems or to gain understanding of unfamiliar conditions or situations.
1. Create and maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning.
2. Guarantee that every child shall have an equal opportunity to education.
3. Inspire and motivate students to achieve to the maximum of their capabilities.
4. Promote a positive image of the school within the community.
5. Direct and supervise current curriculum instruction, current curriculum planning, assessment instrument data analysis, and teacher in-service training utilizing scientifically researched based programs.
6. Direct and supervise the implementation of the Federal and State requirements of NCLB.
7. Make classroom teaching assignments.
8. Communicate to and assist the faculty and staff to implement District Administrative directives, programs, and initiatives.
9. Select and use all instructional materials and equipment from District approved lists.
10. Requisition and disbursement of all instructional materials, supplies and equipment.
11. Cooperate and assist in the development of schedules for his/her school of General Education Programs, Consultants, Special Service Personnel, Special Service Coordinators, and Program Coordinators.
12. Maintain current files of all course outlines, curriculum guides, and assessment information.
13. Supervise the evaluation of all special projects.
14. Supervise the keeping of records required by the District and the State of Illinois.
15. Prepare reports as may be required for the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction and the Deputy Superintendent for Equity and Student Services.
16. On a continuing basis, but not less than twice annually, conduct a performance evaluation of all teaching personnel utilizing District approved evaluation instruments. Submit evaluation and recommendation to the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Labor Relations for further action.
17. Prepare a report for the Superintendent on the progress of all educational programs with emphasis on newly introduced programs. This report will be prepared twice in the school year on a schedule developed by the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, explain all variances in the actual cost of operation from budget projections.
18. Provide instructional updates to the Superintendent on all matters affecting the instructional program, with emphasis on those which will be of community interest.
19. Direct and supervise the implementation of Federal and State requirements for all programs.
20. Prepare and submit verified information on the attainments achieved in the instructional program as well as implement appropriate strategies that lead to student achievement gain.
21. Cooperate and assist in the planning, development, and use of building and equipment needs for existing and planned programs.
22. Submit all travel requests for self, staff, and teaching personnel for approval for both in and out of District travel.
23. Develop and implement specific professional development plan for staff. All expenditures must be related to this plan.
24. Respond to parent and community concerns in a timely fashion.
25. Prepare an annual operating report and an annual operating budget in all categories of cost in conformity with the District calendar and consistent with District priorities.
26. Attend all meetings and conferences as called by the Superintendent, Superintendent’s Designees, and Central Office Staff.
27. Maintain an attitude and a schedule of “ready visibility and accessibility’ to all students, teachers and staff members.
28. At least once a year, evaluate all classified personnel in the building.
29. Other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the Superintendent and / or his / her designee.


1. Master’s Degree required
2. Professional Educator License with General Administrative or Principal K-12 Endorsement required
3. Completed Teacher and Principal Evaluator Modules
4. Four years teaching experience — preferably in junior high schools
5. Knowledge of junior high schools curriculum and curriculum development
6. Prior experience as a building principal, program coordinator or equivalent
7. Demonstrated excellence in oral and written communications
8. Knowledge of the Illinois Learning Standards Incorporating (CCSS)
9. Knowledge of the experience with Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s)
10. Demonstrated excellence as an educational leader with strong organizational planning, problem – solving and human relations skills. Ability to communicate with parents in large or small groups
11. Experience with collaborative groups and processes in a student – centered environment
12. Knowledge of best practices and instructional strategies
13. Knowledge of current research and its application in the classroom
14. Exceptional knowledge of content and effective teaching methodology
15. Demonstrated excellence in student achievement
16. High expectations for students and self
17. High personal standards and professional ethics

18. Bilingual Required
The information contained in this job description is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and is not an exhaustive list of the duties performed for this position. Additional duties performed by the individual holding this position may be assigned.

Job Information

  • Job ID: 70612914
  • Workplace Type: On-Site
  • Location:
    Joliet, Illinois, United States
    Joliet, Illinois, United States
  • Company Name For Job: Joliet Public Schools District 86
  • Position Title: Jr. High Principal - *Bilingual Required*
  • Job Function: Principal/Assistant Principal 
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Min Education: Master's Degree

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